Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I love small projects...

A while ago I made two That's How I Roll tote bags using Anna Maria Horner Honor Roll fabrics. (It's a free pattern from Make it Coats, check it out!)  One of them was for my mom.  I have to tell you that my mom is also a quilter but our styles are very different, so I was surprised when she liked my tote and asked me to make her one in the same fabric.  I was happy to make it for her and she takes it with her to guild meetings and to her weekly quilting class.  She's been getting lots of compliments on the bag from her fellow quilters, which is really nice.  The other day we were both at my aunt's house where my mom regularly hand binds quilts during tea time.  She took everything out and realized she had no needle, which reminded me of a binding kit tutorial I had seen online.  Well, you know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for your mom who sews?  Not this year....

After I  made this awesome Goody Goody binding kit from Lella Boutique, I couldn't stop.  Enter the notebook cover....

....and the zip pouch.

If you're looking for some great tutorials on making your own zip pouch I recommend this tutorial from Julie Hirt at 627handworks.  You can see my versions here.  I also like this one from Sew Lux. You can find the binding kit tutorial here and the notebook cover tutorial here.  If you are interested in ideas for other small projects check out my project Pinterest board.

How do you feel about small projects?  Do you fit them in as quick finishes, or do you prefer sticking to quilts?

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mustang Quilt

I don't know about you but sometimes I buy a quilt kit just because I like the fabric and it's a great deal.  Most times I just make something I want and don't complete the kit.  In this case I went with it...I fell in love with the fabric and pattern.  Although the pattern was more traditional, the fabrics make the quilt look modern. Note to self:  when fussy cutting, watch the orientation of the block in the finished mustangs are running up instead of across the quilt.  Fussy cutting is harder than it appears, but there's always next time.

This was one of my unfinished quilt tops that needed quilting on my 2016 Finish-A-Long list.  (That list has really been motivating!)  I had put this quilt aside because the pattern calls for a half square triangle border, but I just couldn't decide if I liked it or not so I let it sit for almost a year.  I'm learning that I should just trust my instincts.  No border and a finish, yeah!

I quilted this on my Bernina with a walking foot and both one and one and a half inch painters tape.  I outlined the four main square groups and then used the corner and side triangles as a guide.  Then I went back and quilted from the middle out in V's using the triangles made by the seams from the blocks.

I hope everyone is making progress on their 2016 FAL list!  Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mini Off the Rail

Here's a finish for the 2016 Finish-A-Long!  The pattern is the mini Off the Rail from Jaybird Quilts.  Although the pattern has directions for using all different fabrics for the rails, I went with strip piecing for a more consistent look in the blocks.

Fabrics are from Priory Square by Katy Jones for Art Gallery Fabrics.

And a pretty back from Joel Dewberry's Bungalow fabric.

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