Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 Finish-A-Long Quarter 1

The 2018 Finish-A-Long has started and I'm going to make a short list for the first quarter.  I try to limit my WIPs but I do have a few, so here goes.

There is a (very small) chance that I might have all of my Delilah quilt done since February is the last month of this template of the month program.  We'll see how it goes.  If you're working on this also, check this out for more inspiration. 

I actually have this quilt almost finished, it's a big king sized bed quilt.  I need to make binding and then finish it.

I'm adding this back on my list.  I have about three quarters of the triangles cut out, so I'll keep working on that.

Last is my AMH scrappy trip.  I still need to get this sewn together and I may try to embellish it a little, so I don't think I'll get back to it this quarter, but it's a good reminder to put it on this list.

Thank you to the 2018 FAL hosts.  Here's to a lot of finishes for everyone participating!

Link up here to participate for Quarter 1.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mayflower Tutorial - Delilah Block 10

I've noticed a little bit of a slowdown with the Delilah crowd lately and I can't say I blame anyone...this program continues to be a challenge.  Last month's Sprinkled Delight was full of small curves.  Mayflower, block 10, seems easier but requires y-seams.  Directions for the month state "This block includes a Y seam, so you may find hand piecing easier for each block."  Well, I'm committed to doing this thing completely by machine, so this was another time to figure out a construction method for the block on my own.  I've come up with some steps that might help if you're also machine piecing.  Even though this is December's block, I think people are still catching up, so I hope this helps a bit!

Cut out all the template pieces to make your block.  Place T40 on top of T39 as below.  Mark the bottom point on T40.  Starting at the top, sew down to the marked point and backstitch two stitches.  Press seam open.  Repeat with one other T40 and T39 piece.  If you are using two fabrics for T39, repeat with same fabric.  

Next, line up your second T39 piece on top of the first unit as shown below.  Turn over, sew from bottom point into seam with your needle down (will be at 1/4 mark).  Lift presser foot, and pivot the top fabric to line up with the bottom.  Lower the presser foot and stitch to the end.  Press seam open.  Repeat to make two units.  

Take one of your units and two T40 pieces.  Mark both T40 pieces at the bottom point.  Sew one T40 to the right side of the unit starting at the top and stopping and backstitching at the point.  Press seam open.  Add the second T40 piece to the same unit on the left side, starting with needle down at the point mark and sewing to the end.  Press seams open.  

Now you should have two units as shown below.  

Lay the smaller unit on top of the larger one with the T39 piece on top of the bottom T40 piece, matching up the sides as shown.

Holding the units together at the bottom, flip it over so that the bottom is now at the top and so that the larger piece now has the open seams facing you.  Start sewing from the top and stop and pivot (needle down) at the 1/4 inch point.  Sew across the center and match up the center seam as you go, stopping with your needle down right in the next 1/4 inch seam join.  Pivot again, match up the fabrics and sew to the end.  Keep a true 1/4 inch seam as you sew and line up each side carefully as you pivot.  Sew across to join both units.  Press open.

Add your four corner triangles and that's it!  

I'd love to hear how your Delilah blocks are coming along.  Are you hand piecing or machine piecing?  Can't wait to see your Mayflower blocks - Happy New Year and happy sewing!

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