Monday, February 26, 2018

Delilah Quilt - Block 11

Month 11 of the Delilah Quilt is the Princess Cut block.  This is a 6-inch block with 32 pieces!  The construction isn't difficult but it is very time-consuming.  For tips on how to construct this block check out my Princess Cut tutorial post.

Here's the final round-up of my nine blocks.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Princess Cut Tutorial - Delilah Block 11

The Princess Cut block (Delilah Block 11) isn't terribly difficult to piece together, but it does take some accuracy and precision to get everything lined up well.  I've put together a series of photos with some tips for getting accurate points and matching seams.  If you're going to take a few hours for each block, might as well get it right!

These tips assume that you are machine piecing and that all seams are pressed open.  Also, you have to sew over your pins to keep everything lined up.  Do this at your own risk.  I use fine pins and go very slowly with a short stitch length.  I chain piece all of the pieces together until I have the eight triangle units formed.  Once you get to this point you need to start pinning. 

The best way to get points matching up on this block is to use your pins in two specific ways.  Using two triangle units, put your pin directly through the tips of your points from the back of one unit into the front of the other unit and then all the way through.  Take your time lining up the points.  Then push the pin head all the way down to the fabric and 'nest' the fabrics together.  Once you have the fabrics in the right spot, the second step is to put a pin on each side of that seam/point.

Remove the pin that is pushed through.  Next line up the two ends and pin.  Lastly, check the alignment of the remaining seam join and put a pin on each side of the seam.  Fold down your fabric a quarter inch to make sure you have the seam perfectly matched. 

When you sew the seam watch for the small triangle which will indicate where the point is on the inside.  Make sure you sew your 1/4 inch just below the point, do not sew over the point.

Repeat four times to join the eight triangle units.  Now you will have four square units.  Use the same pinning techniques to match the squares together as shown below.  Start by matching the corner points with the pushed through pin.  

For the two halves, you will need to push through three pins, one for the center point of the pinwheel, and one at each corner.

Then put two pins on both sides of each pushed through pin to match the points, then remove the three pushed through pins.  Next match the seams for the outside edges of the pinwheel squares by using two pins on each side of the seam.  You will need ten pins in total here. 

Sew the last seam to join both halves.  There you have it, points and seams matched through the use of expert pinning and slow sewing.

Good luck with your Princess Cut blocks, can't wait to see what you make!