Friday, November 17, 2017

Delilah Quilt - Block 9

Sprinkled the name of this block!  For month 9 of the Delilah template of the month program we've moved on to six inch blocks.  The challenge continues with this one.  The next few months of these six inch blocks will be used to fill out the rest of this scrappy quilt.  We need to make nine of these little ones and here are my first four.

We're back to small curves with this one, but having done all the others, these come together pretty quickly.  Cutting bias edges is important here so that you have some stretch to get around the small curves.  Also, if you are rotary cutting you must have an 18 mm cutter in order to get the inside curve cut on template T37.  For machine piecing I put the smaller convex piece on the bottom.  I used three pins, one at the center and one at each end.

I'll be working on the remaining five of these over the next few weeks, see you again soon!

Update 1/4/18 - Sprinkled Delight

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Delilah Quilt - Block 8

Block 8 of the Delilah quilt was the super easy Coloured Turbine block.  What I love about this block is how different it looks depending on your fabric choice and placement.  This is true of quite a few of the Delilah blocks including the Four-Patch Star block from last month.

This month was a great break from all the y seams and curves of past months.  We needed it!  Here's to next month's block 9 - Sprinkled Delight...back to curved piecing!