Friday, September 18, 2015

LIMOD Improv Scrap Swap

My guild had a secret swap this summer where we all brought a bag of scraps, picked one and had to make anything we choose as long as it used improvisation.  The scraps I received were all Kaffe Fassett which I had never worked with before.  It was a real challenge not having a project in mind to start with.  I 'made' fabric using the scraps and sliced and re-sliced the fabric as I went.  Another challenge was that the scraps varied between warm and cool colors.  Once I had a few improv blocks put together I found a fabric that had the same color in all the blocks.  I decided on a table runner for the final project.

 I made a template in a straight line spiral and quilted each block in a different coordinating thread.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I love the improv blocks.  I'd like to go further next time on the layout/design of the project.  I think the blocks and runner make the project more traditional and it would be good to keep the improv style with the whole project, not just the block parts.

And here are my scraps in a totally improv design by Kim of Leland Ave scraps never looked go good!

Look at this amazing piecing!

Thank you Kim!

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  1. What a fun scrap project! Both look fantastic - just shows that there is life in those scraps yet!

  2. I love this idea for a guild challenge. Did you know beforehand whose scraps you were getting or was that something you figured out after the projects were returned? Gemini is right--there is life in those scraps...especially these!

  3. What a fun challenge - both of those projects are so great! I love the bright frames in yours!