Friday, September 11, 2015

Pincushion Craze

I've seen so many wonderful pincushions with the crazy mom quilts pincushion party.  I couldn't help myself and had to make a few. 

Here's an example using 1 inch (right), 1.25 inch (middle), and 1.5 inch (left) strips with this tutorial.  I made the smaller one first which finished about 3 inches square. Then I tried the 1.5 inch strips, which finished too big at 6 inches square.   I think the perfect size is the middle one which finished about 4 inches square! What do you think?

I made some stacked coins for these two and fussy cut the deer print for one of the backs.  I was inspired by this tutorial.

Check out my pincushion board for more inspiration.  Linking up with crazy mom quilts


  1. So cute!! I may have to try to squeeze in one or two this week!! I may have to steal your idea and put my salvages in a jar!!

  2. I like your pincushions and I agree..the 4" one is great size.