Friday, October 9, 2015

Mini Tree Skirt

My son loves Christmas (what kid doesn't) and was so upset when we took our tree down last year. To ease his pain we went out and got him his own small tree to keep up a little longer.  He started talking about it again a month ago, so I knew the little tree was going to be even more important to him this year.  I found some new mini lights a few weeks ago along with a gold star.  He came home from Grandma's today with an I'm not sure we'll even make it to December before this tree comes out!

To make it special I decided to make a mini tree skirt.  I made a paper template of a 60 degree wedge and used three fabrics.  I cut a quarter sized circle in the center to make room for the trunk.  I used this tutorial for bias cut binding, a must when you have a circle (otherwise it won't lay flat.)  It's going to be super cute with the little tree.

Here it is in progress, so you can see how I put it together:

And finished:

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is SO adorable!

  2. Super cute! Won't this be a big hit with your son!! :)

  3. What a cute little finish! great fabrics.

  4. You are so right. It is super cute!