Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scrappy Pincushions

Another round of pincushions...can't get enough.  These are totally inspired by Amanda Jean from this post.  I used a five inch square of batting and stitched one inch strips right onto the square.  I used crushed walnut shells to fill and also used a layer of Pellon SF101 on the backing square.  I did quilt as you go on one pincushion and quilted a grid on the other two.  They finish up at around 4 inches.

Linking up with crazy mom quilts.


  1. Love the pincushions. Now I'm going to have to make some!

  2. Too cute! I've seen Amanda Jean's too and now that I've seen yours I think I will definitely have to make some!

  3. So lovely! I like the colours of them.