Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Delilah Quilt - Block 1

March is here along with the first month of the Delilah Quilt template of the month program, designed by Jen Kingwell.  This quilt is an exciting challenge for all quilters, and I'm excited to be participating in this program.  This amazing quilt pattern includes using acrylic templates, sewing y-seams and curves, along with 6, 9, and 12 inch blocks...whew!

Each month as I work through the blocks I'll post an update including some tips.  I'd love to see what everyone is creating so please join the linkup below.  If you're looking for more inspiration check out this Pinterest board for great ideas.  So far the fabric choices are looking wonderful, can't wait to see more.

Block 1 - Rising Sun

Tips for working with the templates:

  • Cut your fabric into smaller pieces that will accommodate what you are cutting without a lot of leftover.  This will stop you from 'dragging' around a bunch of fabric as you cut.
  • Add a piece of painters tape to the bottom of your template so it sticks to the fabric so the template doesn't slip when you are cutting.  
  • If you can splurge, get a rotating cutting mat, it makes cutting so much easier.
  • Use a small rotary cutter, either 18mm or 28mm.  
Tips for the Rising Sun block:
  • Watch this video to get started learning how to sew curves and then practice before you use your good fabric:  Sew Easy: Piecing Curves 
  • With these small curves, I found it helpful to lift my presser foot a few times to adjust the bulk of the top fabric while I sewed the curves.  Make sure your needle is down, go slow and be patient, you can do it!
  • I used a combination of open and to the side seams while ironing.  Iron the half moon units with open seams.  You can press the quarter moon units to the side.  I ironed the rows with open seams.  
There is so much to love about the challenge of this project, especially choosing your fabrics and learning new techniques.  Enjoy the process and celebrate what you make!


  1. Very nice block! And thanks for the great tips about sewing curves. I need to tackle some soon, so this post was encouraging. Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  2. My BOM of this starts April 1st. Thanks for the tips. Another thing you can do to make your templates not slip is to spray with quilt baste or KK2000(a temporary adhesive). You don't need much and you can still see all the lines.

  3. Beautiful blocks, and very well made!

  4. Very pretty! I love the soft colors in that first block.

  5. Great tips for working with this block. I find that a bit of patience and an expectation to slow down really helps me when I sew curves as well. Thank you for linking up!

  6. I love your blocks! So beautiful! Pinning to my Quilt Blocks board! :)