Sunday, April 16, 2017

Delilah Quilt - Block 2

April brings us block 2 of the Delilah Quilt Template of the Month by Jen Kingwell.  This is Bells Beach, another block filled with curves and a mitered corner border.  This block takes curves to another level with three rounds for each set.  I'm continuing to enjoy choosing fabrics for this quilt along with cutting out all (28!) of the pieces.

Block 2 - Bells Beach

Tips for the Bells Beach block:
  • Watch this video to get started learning how to sew curves and then practice before you use your good fabric:  Sew Easy: Piecing Curves 
  • With these small curves, I found it helpful to lift my presser foot a few times to adjust the bulk of the top fabric while I sewed the curves.  Make sure your needle is down, go slow and be patient, you can do it!
  • Cut template piece nine with two layers of fabric wrong sides together and you'll have the piece and it's reverse, no need to flip the template over.  (Unless you want each piece to have different fabric, then you'll need to cut the reverse.)
  • I used a y-seam technique from this video by Victoria Findlay Wolfe to do the mitered corners. Watch from time 4:40 - 6:00, which demonstrates how to line up the two corners and sew into the seam at a quarter inch and pivot to sew down the other seam.  

For tips on Block 1 - Rising Sun, visit the Block 1 Delilah Quilt post.  Also be sure to check out my Delilah Quilt board for great inspiration as we sew this fabulous quilt.  Link up below if you'd like to share your work this month.  

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  1. Very pretty blocks! Love your fabric selections.