Friday, August 4, 2017

Delilah Quilt - Block 4

Block 4 of the Delilah Quilt template of the month program certainly made for a challenge.  If you've been following along, the first three months called for making two 12 inch blocks each.  For me, the biggest learning curve has been machine piecing the curved sections for each block.  For some tips, check back to the first block post here.  For block #4 - Fairhaven, the challenge went even further, make three blocks each with 16 very small curved seams!  I will admit to some frustration with the first block, but by the third one I was sewing with a lot more ease.  

This was the first attempt...


...and third...

With the first two I went with some color consistency in the star points.  With the third block, I realized I would get a pinwheel effect if I used the same fabric inside and for the points.  I like how the blades of the pinwheel go through the center motif with this fabric placement.  This is also the first time I introduced this lighter blue color to the blocks.  It doesn't quite go with the other ones I've made, but I will add some more into future blocks to see if I can make it work.  

All four blocks, nine in total, so far...

An interesting thing has occurred to me as I've been making these blocks.  As a quilter, I've never been a big fan of sampler quilts, they just aren't ordered, geometric, or symmetrical enough for me with all the varied blocks.  I'm also not a big fan of the sashing that is typical of a sampler.  I was drawn to this project by Jen Kingwell because even though a lot of her quilt designs have many blocks like a sampler, her blocks are typically scrappy, different sizes, and the quilt usually has an alternate grid setting.  I've been carefully choosing my fabrics and fabric placement as I've worked on these blocks, and I've kept the background very neutral.  So...I've made a sampler did this happen!  I know how it happened...I'm a controlling person and it shows in my quilt! Anyway, I'll be trying to mix it up a little better as I make the next few blocks.  We're moving into the smaller blocks now, and I'm a few blocks behind, but I'm hoping to catch up in the next month.

What have you learned about your quilting lately?  Does your personality come through in your quilting? Would love to hear your insights.  

If you're working on Delilah don't forget to check out more inspiration here.  


  1. I loved reading about how you accidentally made a sampler quilt with your neutral background...they are very lovely blocks.

  2. I am extremely controlling, so true scrappy quilts will never be from my hand. But I do love the look of them, it's just I end up trying to make my colors be even and that's just too much for me. So why not just start with the order I crave. LOL!

  3. You should have titled your post "The Accidental Sampler" !
    Personality absolutely comes through - I rebel against highly structured, extremely rigid quilting. I am happiest when I can put together a quilt entirely from scraps.

  4. The blocks are great, and it's really amazing how the curves improved as you went along. Just goes to show you that we do need to learn new things and then practice them a little. As far as learning new things goes, I have learned to make hexes after more than 50 years of quilting! Fun times, yeah?

  5. These blocks are SO impressive! I love that each block looks different because of your color placement! :)

  6. These are a very pretty selection of blocks! I love your mix of fabrics and this sweet colour palette!

  7. Really lovely fabric choices Judy. I love the neutral background.

  8. You've mastered the curve piecing! Well done and beautiful!